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Help! My copper leaf color is not as bright as when I first got it. How can I restore or clean it?

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I run a blog/product review website are you interested in donating a sample for a review/giveaway?

I am an aspiring electroformer/jewelry designer. Can you tell me how you make your items and where you get your supplies from?

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Electroforming Starter Kit Ordering/Shipping Information

Where can you ship your electroforming starter kits to?

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Do you teach classes for electroforming? Can you teach me how to electroform?

How can I donate to you for electroforming help and info?

Where Can I Post Troubleshoot Issue Photos for Help?

What is the difference between the Water Base and Alcohol Based conductive paint?

Electroforming Troubleshooting & General Info

I'm having issues with electroforming. Can you help?

My pieces are pink/salmon color or dull/matte. What is happening and how can I fix it?

The copper is brown/dark, brittle and crumbles off. Why?

What else can I use to hang my pieces in the electroforming tank? Can I use the paper clip that I used to hang to dry in the prep stages?

Why is it dark behind my glass/plastic/crystal item?

My paint on my design has cracks/is peeling. What is happening?

Nothing is plating. What is happening?

I'm really frustrated because my pieces keep floating in the tank. How do I stop this from happening?

Where can I find a Technical Datasheet or more info on the 5 Amp Cu MiniForm XL Power Supply?

I'm Having an Error Code on My MiniForm

Electroforming Supplies Availability

When will the Cu MiniForm Power Supply/Rectifier be available?

When will the Electroforming Kits be back in stock?

I was at Maker Faire Bay Area 2023 and bought an Electroforming Starter Kit with the MiniForm Power Supply on back order. When will the power supply be ready to ship out?