Handmade Art & Jewelry Inspired by the Land, Sky, Sea & Literature Fandom

I am Nedda Angelina, the artist and jewelry designer of Enchanted Leaves. I draw inspiration from the verdant landscapes of California's forests, where I gather organic materials to craft unique jewelry that embodies the beauty of the natural world.

Through the intricate process of electroforming, a mix of chemistry and electricity, I bring my designs to life by combining earthy elements with various materials like gemstones, crystals, glass, metals, wood, ceramic, and polymer clay. 

I am proud and honored to say that my jewelry creations have found homes all over the world(in 6 of the 7 continents!), been showcased at local independent design and craft festivals, and featured in boutique and gift shops across the United States and Canada.

When not creating jewelry, you'll often find me immersed in various art forms—be it painting, sculpture, illustration, or photography through www.Heart-String.com. Perhaps you remember my works as a former fantasy artist from the early 2000's? My love for nature extends beyond my craft, as I indulge in pursuits like gardening, mushroom foraging, bug hunting, and leaf & flower specimen collecting. (I love discovering what plant clippings I can root!) And of course, you'll often find me revisiting the heroic adventures in Middle Earth, the whimsical magic Hogwarts, or the clever antics at Dunder Mifflin Paper.

While my heart lives among the towering giants of the California Coastal Redwood Forest 🌿, I currently reside in sunny Southern California with my two mischievous sibling feline companions, Sierra & Sequoia, the notorious sock thieves!!


A heartfelt appreciation goes to the talented Mike Smith of MicroDean Systems, whose contributions have been instrumental in shaping the Cu Electroforming project. 

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Curious about electroforming? I'm actively curating a resource page to inspire aspiring artists like you! 
Find it here: Electroforming Resources for Aspiring Artists


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