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I am Nedda, the artist and designer of Enchanted Leaves Jewelry. 

I create nature jewelry with organic materials I've gathered in the forests throughout California. I use a creative process called electroforming, which uses chemistry and electricity to transform designs into metal. My unique nature designs are blended with a diverse range of media including gemstones, crystals, glass, various metals, wood, ceramic, and sculpted polymer clay.

I offer my unique and creative jewelry designs to local customers through independent design and craft festivals, and I also have clients that feature my designs in shops around the USA and in countries around the world.

In my spare time, I enjoy creating other forms of art: painting, sculpture, illustration, and photography(www.Heart-String.com), gardening, mushroom hunting, collecting bugs and leaf specimens, perpetually watching Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter & the Office, and spending time out in nature.


Enchanted Leaves is:

artist, jewelry and graphic designer, electroformer, painter, sculptor, photographer, huge nature and animal lover

inventive metalworker, electroformer, engineer, programmer and the mind behind creative design and innovation

rambunctious little sock thieving sister cats! 

 We reside in Southern California, and frequently vacation to the Redwood Forest 🌿

A special thanks to our friend, Mike Smith, who has contributed invaluable work to our Cu Electroforming project.






Check out my interview on Dear Handmade Life's blog! , and my 2017 Independent Artists interview! 




Aspiring Electroformer?

I am actively working on a have a resource page! 
You can find it here: Electroforming Resources for Aspiring Artists

Come see my jewelry in person! 
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