Cute, fun, unique jewelry that is accessible to all!

Enchanted Leaves is a husband and wife duo who are fully committed to their jewelry craft. Together we offer our unique and creative jewelry designs to local customers through independent design and craft festivals, and also have clients that feature our designs in shops around the USA and in countries around the world.

We believe that cute, fun, unique jewelry can be affordable and accessible to all! Our inspiration comes from themes found in the land, sky, sea, and geeky things that we love!

We are constantly evolving and growing our products to keep our designs fresh and exciting. Our name and branding is very important to us! Each package that ships out has been carefully packed and fully designed with a cohesive theme.

We are:

artist, jewelry and graphic designer, electroformer, painter, sculptor, photographer, huge
nature and animal lover

inventive metalworker, electroformer, and the mind behind creative design and innovation


Aaron and Nedda Szylewicz reside in Southern California.
Nedda's full dedication is in her jewelry business, Enchanted Leaves. In her spare time, she enjoys creating other forms of art (fine art, graphic design, illustration, and photography:
Aaron is an innovative and creative Walt Disney Imagineer who helps out with the jewelry business on the weekends, during shows and the holiday season. When he has free time, he enjoys playing board games, restoring vintage arcade games, and discovering new tools and gadgets to play with.

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Want to see some of our current favorites?

Nedda's Picks:

 Aaron’s Picks:





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