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I am Nedda, the artist and designer of Enchanted Leaves Jewelry. 

I create nature jewelry with organic materials I've gathered in the forests throughout California. I use a creative process called electroforming, which uses chemistry and electricity to transform designs into metal. My unique nature designs are blended with a diverse range of media including gemstones, crystals, glass, various metals, wood, ceramic, and sculpted polymer clay.

I offer my unique and creative jewelry designs to local customers through independent design and craft festivals, and I also have clients that feature my designs in shops around the USA and in countries around the world.

In my spare time, I enjoy creating other forms of art: painting, sculpture, illustration, and photography(www.Heart-String.com), gardening, mushroom hunting, collecting bugs and leaf specimens, perpetually watching Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter & the Office, and spending time out in nature. I reside in Southern California, but my heart lives in the mountains of the Redwood Forest 🌿 I have two rambunctious little sock thieving sister cats, Sierra & Sequoia!

A special thanks to the amazing Mike Smith of MicroDean Sysyems, who has contributed invaluable work to the Cu Electroforming project.

Check out my interview on Dear Handmade Life's blog! , and my 2017 Independent Artists interview

Aspiring Electroformer?
I am actively working on a have a resource page! 
You can find it here: Electroforming Resources for Aspiring Artists

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