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Double Ended Alligator Clip Test Lead Wires | Tank Connectors | For Multi Plating Tank Series Circuit Set Up | Electroforming Supply

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Get the most out of your power supply and increase productivity! These exclusively designed double ended alligator clip lead wires are used to connect multiple plating tanks together to plate multiple similar size/shape items at once in a series circuit electroforming/electroplating set up. They are solid copper with a light nickel plate, so they will not corrode through and dissolve (if you’ve ever used standard lead wires before, you understand!).

  • 15 inch length, 18 AWG 
  • Green for differentiating red/black anode/cathode wires that connect to your first and last tanks from your power supply
  • Dual ended alligator clips 
  • Nickel plated over solid copper- will not corrode through from proximity to acidic solution* 

*Note: the spring on the clips is not acid proof, so still use with care and clean properly if solution dunks or spills occur. 

Tank Multiplier Kit, which includes these wires, 1000mL beakers, and solution (PSU not included) also available!

How do you use these double ended wires to connect multiple tanks together?
Here is a graphic and sample to help illustrate the set up. 
First connect the red lead wire that is connected to your power supply to your first tank’s anode. Connect the power supply’s black lead wire to your last tank’s cathode. Use the double ended green lead wires to connect your first tank’s cathode to the second tank’s anode. Repeat until the last tank is connected. Set your amps to the surface area of ONE tank, not the total combined surface area across all your tanks (as you would in a parallel circuit). 

For example, if you have 20 items with a surface area of 2 square inches each, that is a total of 40 sq in of surface area. If you have four plating tanks that have 5 pieces in each tank, you will set your power supply to 1.0 amp (2 sq in x 0.1 amps per sq in x 5 items= 1.0 amp). The series circuit set up will provide 1 amp to EACH tank, rather than divided, or a fraction of the 1 amp across all your tanks. 20 pieces at 2 sq in of surface area in a single tank would usually require 4 amps for 40 sq inch of total surface area of all 20 pieces. This technique will work with any size power supply. 


Note that there are some simple rules to follow to effectively run a multi tank, or series circuit: 

  • Items must each be the same surface area/size
  • Items must each be of the same shape
  • Items must be evenly spaced/not blocking or touching each other

Confused by the math or set up instructions? Feel free to contact me for help! @EnchantedLeaves on instagram 


Electroforming is perfect for a maker or crafter that enjoying creating jewelry, art, or just love science and chemistry! Makes a wonderful unique gift. Create designs using real leaves and nature items, gemstones, crystals, glass, plastic, bone, 3-d printed parts, and pretty much anything you can think of!

You can download a digital version of my Electroforming tutorial here: www.EnchantedLeaves.com/Electroforming-Tutorial


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