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Maker Faire Bay Area 2023: MicroDean Systems & Enchanted Leaves   

Maker Faire Bay Area 2023 
Come see us at Maker Faire Bay Area 2023!

Enchanted Leaves & MicroDean Systems make an all inclusive DIY copper electroforming kit. Historically used for making printing dies and rocket engine parts, we show how to plate copper metal directly to anything from PLA to delicate objects like leaves.

 Our project will showcase the copper electroformed nature jewelry that we create, along with an interactive live demo that highlights the fascinating process and techniques behind its creation. The demo will feature the functions of our smart MiniForm automatic current/voltage regulating power supply, which is designed specifically for electroforming. It is engineered and fabricated by us, everything from writing the code to hand soldering each one. With it, anyone can capture and preserve the elegance of the natural world in unique copper jewelry and artwork.

Electroforming Maker Faire Bay Area 2023The driving force behind our brand and craft is a deep love, fascination, and appreciation for nature. Through innovative techniques that blend chemistry and electricity with organic elements and mixed media materials, we aim to capture and preserve the elegance of nature in our unique jewelry and artwork.

Our goal at Maker Faire is to engage, teach, and inspire others. Not only to witness how science and technology can transform endless possibilities into art, but to also spark creativity and excitement in embarking on their own projects. 
Come see us at Maker Faire Bay Area 2023 on October 13th -15th & October 20th-22nd 2023
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